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Homar is from Milan Italy and was married to the sea after seeing two films that changed his life: “The Shark Hunter” and “The Big Blue”.

The Shark Hunter with Franco Nero sporting long hair and whiskers in perfect style for the 70’s (released in 1979) paid back my romantic desire to understand the sea.

The Big Blue (released in France 1988 and Italy only in 2002 for rights issues, but that is another story) that tells the challenge between two giants who gave their lives for the sea: Enzo Mallorca and Jacques Mayol. This movie stimulated my competitive nature.

Homar is quick with answers and maniacally accurate with stories, when He speaks, he does not conceal his determination. He tells his version of “His Sea” and his way of going about things with competence and precision. He tells what he has wanted to do since he was a clear-minded child, and in fact… ‘ Already as a child wanting to live on the beach free and a bit cursed, as Franco Nero had in the movie.

What struck you about those two films so different from each other?
Beyond the plot I wanted to prove to myself that I have a value and a role in this world. A normal thing for a 22-year-old guy who wants (like everyone) to try and change it, or at least to try and change his world. From that day forward I said: Let’s play and try. I smoked 2 packets of cigarettes a day. I dropped everything suddenly!

When did you get the first result of this choice?
12 years after that symbolic last packet of cigarettes, I was upside down at 131 meters and I got my first world record in variable buoyancy. Whenever I think about those images I realize that day I really became like the protagonists of The Big Blue.

Do you think you have any special physical skills?
No, I don’t think so. In life I have always considered myself a little talented. From a physical point of view, my natural predisposition is to sustain very hard workouts. I’m considered a training terminator. Perhaps my real talent is to be addicted to sacrifice and to have an unwavering will. All this does not translate to having 50 seconds more in apnea, rather in knowing where to try to go to retrieve them… I have a body capable of supporting very high workloads, thanks to the high training memory. That is, I do not quickly lose the benefits of training that I do.

How long do you think about apnea during the day?
Apnea is not just the time when you go into the water. Apnea is always with me, because there are many facets of this wonderful discipline that I can use during my day. I think of it in different forms, for example when I teach respiration biomechanics in a school of osteopathy. These are all different forms of diving into the water.

As a percentage: in the dives how much do you support the physique and how much the head?
40% serves mental support, 40% serves the physical one. The remaining 20% is an important value, rather fundamental and that is the emotional support. This is the part that I try to develop more and better. Because motivation is that thing that allows body and mind to reach unexpected levels…

Mind, precisely. Are you followed by a personal coach?
In my career I worked with Roberto Re, Anthony Robbins, Marisa Muzio and others. I’ve always believed in the value of energy from our minds. To this I add a very personal approach. When I dive trip, that is to touch worlds very personal and difficult to describe.

Your first absolute record?
In Ospitaletti, in Liguria, I was a child. I had reached 4 meters in the salt water pool, I felt invincible. I never imagined that that would be just the beginning.
My first Italian record of depth was at Marettimo in 2006 when I emulated the record of Enzo Mairoca of 1962:51 meters Technical frog. He had reached that depth in trim no limits to prove that a man could overcome the barrier of 50 meters… Other years, I was interested to emulate but in the end it was thanks to him that everything started.

What is silence for you when you immerse yourself?
Something I don’t care about. I seek the voice of the sea underwater, I seek the melody. The fusion between me and the water also passes from this dimension. And then in apnea I talk to him, I keep company.

What do you think before you dive?
I go into a phase that I call mental messing about. That is, I try to think of everything but the performance. Considering that my test lasts about 3 minutes, my goal in the days and hours before is not to fossilize myself on that. I try not to get paranoid… It would be detrimental to me. So I play cards, relax at the beach, mess with my friends.

What do you think when you’re in the water?
Travel and Faccio travel. My mind is in worlds that are not concrete and that is why I do not know how to describe. Then I am accompanied by my own personal mantra, which I repeat constantly. So as I repeat my music, what else is not but a melody that sounds in me and for me at all stages of the plunge.

The ugliest moment?
Year 2007, World of Aida I had to establish the world record Frog. That day I received the news that I would become a dad and I was lost. I was torn between following my instinct and the uncertain life of the apnea athlete or exploiting my degree in economics and trade, putting on a jacket and tie and looking for a safe job. And so I did. Until 2009 I worked in an office. Then the sea called me, rather called back. And I couldn’t resist.

The most beautiful moment?
I am convinced that I have yet to savor it.

What are the limits of apnea?
The history of the world has shown us that the spirit of human adaptation is constantly evolving. At sea in the 60’s, the 50 meters were an absolute and incredible record. Today we arrived at over 200 meters. And we will continue to descend, more and more.

What are the limits of man?
None.. Constancy, discipline and training lead to everything.

Your son wants to do apnea, what do you say?
I would not recommend it. Absolutely. It’s too complicated a way, it’s a very extreme world. It would be even more tiring for him than it was for me. Then there is the imponderable, or the Call of the sea. And if he arrives, you can’t resist him.

Homar Leuci became part of the Omer family. And joins the more than 30 athletes ambassadors of the brand, with a common goal: overcome the 28 records of depth that has reached so far…