Cayman E.T. Roller

The Cayman ET Roller features many innovations that make it a unique speargun in the world of Roller type spearguns. The barrel, with a cuttlefish profile, is equipped with two enclosed track rails. The top rail guides shafts equipped with sharkfins (you can use shafts from 6.5mm to 7mm) to avoid any possibility of the so called “shaft whip”. Equipped with 14mm Performer bands with Dyneema wishbones and 7mm America Shafts in all the spearguns.

  • Enclosed track rail
  • Cuttlefish profile
  • 14mm Performer Band
  • Dyneema wishbones
  • Lower rail guide features 3 tabs which can be adjusted for versatility
  • 2-pulley system with "anti sand" cage
  • Fits one or two extra bands
  • Stainless steel guide for shooting line
  • Cayman handle
  • 7mm America Shaft
  • 6.75mm shaft in 75cm, 85cm and 95cm models
  • 7mm shaft 105cm and 115 models
  • Sizes: 75cm, 90cm, 95cm, 105cm, 115cm