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Pure and minimalistic design, these fins don’t need bells and whistles, they are strong, efficient and stand for the purity of spearfishing.


  • Bi-material foot pocket: the strong EXO structure transmits your kick force directly into the blades. The inner section provides comfort with a soft fit and prevents pressure points or friction areas
  • Blades: super-reactive 100% Carbon, 3k woven, multilayered blades with an optimized angle for spearfishing of 22° – This keeps the blades efficiently in the water and helps reduce the “kick noise” at the surface.
  • Rails: while the carbon layers are gradually decreasing towards the fin tips, the custom designed water rails increase in height. The combination of both uses the full 800mm length of the blades for the optimal water channel propulsion
  • Full size ribs protect the lateral sides of the blades from scratches and damage – the specific tips of the blades are shaped inwards for a better fin tip protection.


  • Blade material: 100% Carbon, 3k woven
  • Foot pocket: Bi-material for comfort and power
    (Soft 55° Sh, Hard 85 Sh) redstone camouflage
  • Shape: inside tip protection
  • Blade length and width: 800mm x 195mm
  • Angle of blade: 22,0°
  • Rails: progressive rails for water channeling


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