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The softest, warmest, and “stretchiest” neoprene that you can buy, combined with a premium look and textured camouflage: The J70 is the pro’s choice cold water wetsuit. The next generation open cell & smooth skin neoprene guarantees you comfortable spearfishing sessions even for many hours. Go fishing as long as you like – you will never have to leave the water too early again with an OMER J70 wetsuit.


  • S-Foam with an elongation of 480% and a shore hardness of 66 sHa.
  • Compared to J60, (previous model), the J70 features a material that stretches 20% better and is 6% softer.
  • Avoid the “wind-chill-effect” and be able to dive deeper thanks to the glide skin surface neoprene
  • Nylon lined bindings at wrists, ankles and face contour enhance the durability
  • 10mm reinforced, lined anti-slip loading pad for safer speargun handling
  • Limestone based, petroleum free eco-sustainable neoprene
  • Compostable plant-based starch protection bag to avoid plastic pollution
  • Internal lined neoprene around the ears avoid the vacuum effect on fast descends.


  • Thickness: 5 mm, 6,5mm and 8,5mm
  • Material: super stretch open cell/smooth skin 90% neoprene, 10% nylon
  • Closure system: double clip beaver tail
  • Type: hooded two-pieces (Jacket and pant); reinforced chest loading pad; abrasion resistant knee pads

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